Live Tweet from Munk Debate on Foreign Policy

Here are exact text from our live tweets during the Munk Debate on foreign policy, word for word including typos and weird phrasing due to tweet size limit. One paragraph per tweet.





ISIS threat: On humanitarian crisis and Mulclair’s pledge to pull troops out

Bombing is not the only solution. We need to minimize creation of failed states from bombing without humanitarian aid.

Humanitarian aid needs to be substantial similar to rebuilding effort for Germany and Japan after World War II.

We must also refrain from supporting dictators like in Iraq and Libya. And currently Egypt and Saudi.

Dealing with ISIS should include going after their funders in Saudi and other authoritarian countries that we consider as allies.

Aerial campaign cannot be indiscriminate. Actions like this would damage our reputation.

We should give equal value to the civilians lives there as we would our own.

As Malala Yousafzai have said, indiscriminate killing fuels terrorism.

On refugee crisis: Whether Harper’s  policy is adequate given the enormity of the problem

Military General and former leaders have indicated getting large numbers of refugee here is possible without compromising security. #MunkDebate #elxn42

As General Hillier said, we must stop being afraid of our own shadow.{.extern}

We must also stop using muslim for fear mongering campaign to advance mass surveillance or as wedge issue.

As per our foreign affairs policy, we should look at refugees as positive economic contributors like they’ve always been.

U.S. was built by hard working refugees and immigrants. We have enough lands to develop and grow our economy.

C-51 undermining civil liberties: Why did Trudeau vote for it?

By supporting C-51 the party did not defend our rights and freedoms. They should stop claiming it is balanced.

C51 tilted toward fear of terrorism away from rights and freedom and due process.

We should never give in to terrorist and surrender our rights and freedom.

C51 is not war measures act. C51 is permanent bypassing of rights & freedom and due process. It is affront to our democracy.

C51 is not for both for security & rights. Admit choice was to compromise rights & freedoms for false sense of security.

Claiming opponent of C51 thinks CSIS is the enemy than ISIS is disingenous.

On citizenship revocation

Opposition to revocation of citizenship is not about defending terrorism.

We cannot deport our problem to someone else based on their ethnicity. No one country or race is responsible.

Spending more on foreign aid, which NDP is a big proponent of

Foreign aid is not enough. We must actively prevent creation of authoritarian and corrupt state. Stop supporting those regimes.

By helping stop corruption through real democracy with open government we can solve problems that necessitates aid.

On reasserting Canada’s interest in the arctic

Arctic strategy should be more than just military. It should include environmental research

We can drop aid to foreign countries in crisis, we can surely develop permanent infras & supplies flow to arctic community.

We cannot have people in our own country living in third world country condition

Russia’s behaviour – how to deal with Vladimir Putin

Russia is an example of dictators go unchecked. Just like Iraq and Libya, if left to fester it eventually affects the world.

We were quiet when activist like Pussy Riot were being persecuted. We continue to support Egypt and Saudi’s regime.

No such thing as friendly dictators. We should have zero tolerance for them. Otherwise Bin Laden and ISIS happens

On American-Canada relations

We must have a respectful relation with the U.S. but should not give in our sovereignty on secret backroom deals like the TPP.

TPP is not so much about treaty but more about allowing multinational corporation to bypass a country’s sovereign law.

Canada respected in the world. Flag in backpack = respect. Coz we stand up for what is right whilst respectful relation with U.S.

Environmental issues

We are an innovative country. New energy & info economy is within our reach. Start transition from fossil to electric now.

Our strategy for advancing our country’s democracy and economy to make us a world leader.

Our #basicincome policy would remove fear of transitioning to new energy economy and work readjustment.{.extern}

Patent reform would also ensure NimH patent encumberance by U.S. oil co vs electric car does not happen again.


Leaked TPP text shows so many problematic items. It will threaten our prosperity on so many fronts.

TPP would need extensive public debate.

Intellectual monopoly law widely criticized by experts. Would affect medicine and our health care cost.

TPP will also dictate and restrict how country manage their health care.

TPP will extend copyright terms when our info infrastructure reality means they should be shortened.

TPP threatens fair use for universities and researchers. Thus threaten innovation and economic advancement.

Under TPP, essential public agencies like public health care and public broadcaster could be forbidden.


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