Statement Regarding the Brutal Attacks in Paris

The Pirate Party of Canada would like to extend our sympathies and thoughts to the victims & families of yesterday’s attacks in Paris, France. As the investigation commences, it is important to remember those who have passed, the things they cherished, and the friends and loved ones they leave behind. The loss of so many lives to such brutal actions is hard for any nation, and we wish the people of France all the best as they work through the recent tragedy.

As the investigation and response to such a devastating attack is under way, it is important to consider the rights and freedoms that are cherished by the people of France and throughout the Western World. It is those very rights and freedoms that were attacked today as innocent civilians were slaughtered. As the response is considered, we urge governments around the world to maintain those rights and freedoms. To surrender them while trying to increase security is to give in to fear, tyranny, and the very terrorist factions that have caused this disaster. Tighten security, absolutely, but never surrender personal freedoms to fear.

Please allow the investigation to proceed while comforting those around you. Combat fear with love, isolation with generosity, and open your homes to people displaced as a result of the chaos. You have our deepest condolences.

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