Relaunch Pirate Party of Canada

We are the Pirate Party because we were called “Pirates”.

Help us to spread our ideas into the world.

Stay tuned.

6 comments on Relaunch Pirate Party of Canada

  1. Hi, I am interested to get to know better your party, who are you / what is your plan etc. Any idea how to do that? I’d be happy to get in contact. Thanks!

    1. I hope all Anonymiss and anons ok in France and Canada ,In Vancouver and nova Scotia and Newfoundland lababdor Todd wing man And Greenland ,To all in Green ☮️ peace and Exstintion Rebellion Fridays for future .Occupy movement and Democracy now 1999 Seattle anti-war movement so times you have no choice fight for freedom like Myanmar and Ukraine. We are all fighting for what Malcolm X Rosa parks new about secret world order that goes back to Rome Greece , Egypt , Babylon.Military order of kanak Egypt . We all can learn from History about NWO deep state world 0.5 % have money
      Other 5%out 99%serve work for 13 Dy . 1600 Munality nationals companies west Indies company Dutch East Indies company and Portugal company for spice s and slaves . That with war 1973 Henery Kissinger help cause . Gods of money is good for information we live in world of 1984 NATO v Axis Pact Countries . George Orwell . Climate change women Afghanistan been Forse into marriage Rosa parks would support gun control and change to solar power quick as possible banned biology island weapons . Support Julian and Sarah Morrison and all whistle blowers Edward Snowen Lynsey Snowden and Chelsea and everyone else around the world . Cheers friends and all Hackivests out there and Amestity International And human rights defenders . All in anti fascist movements all wikileaks and journalism without borders and all in Panama papers and pandora papers . All that would exploit women for sex trafficking or children trafficking all does that fight for justice .we all have victory and freedom for Vendetta

  2. it would be great if someone could gather a party that would PUSH for the beliefs of intellectual property reform, privacy protection, network neutrality and greater government openness. do we need yet another political party in canada to yet fracture the mess even more then we have? no. but we need a party to organize the people with our beliefs and push the political parties to work for us. you see protests all over canada for special groups wanting their voices heard and their beliefs followed. but us? very few groups do this.
    we need more organization, more plans and louder voices.

    the last two years have shown we need more opensource learning materials in canada for remote learning,better protections for our rights (that are ignored for public opinion of whats best right now)better speakers for up to date scientific fact, and better internet access across canada.

  3. The Pirate party from starting in Iceland and it’s fight for freedom . Protection of women rights and equality for men and women all over world . The spread of Pirate Party in many countries when ships sale we aim to win . 1989Denmark brought marriage for LGBT community equality . The laws in Iceland for Father’s and Mother’s to have equal planning in children development . The help with childcare state run time off for Father’s help mothers and so much more they where involved in . Pirate party will grow again all over the world . Pirate party also involved in fight for justice for victims of rape and sexual violence . They have also been involved campaign s against corruption .They also help people against dangerous religious sects and cults they have organised protests and online campaigns.

  4. By working together and building movement collective around world understanding what is happening from all media mainstream media alternative media to social media ,.can you get better understanding what happened to world we all live in. How sad it was all people under lockdown in China resently .the truth was never told what happened in Wuhan everyone forget.This could be one the best opportunity for Pirate party to travel truth . 1968,1969changr happen 1988,1989change to happen again 1999,2003,2009,2011,2019when next time .

  5. In Ireland we do not have Pirate Party yet would be very good idea start small number of people building movement that bring about change some parties have similar views issues . That what comes bacj to. The right people can help increase the development of Pirate Party all over the world . Sorry if you send email my emails are kind mixed up lock need too be unlocked from each other . So if don’t here from me on Facebook or other social media lock out of it .

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